Automation for HR and IT: A Perfect Match

Automation for HR and IT: A Perfect Match

by | Nov 15, 2020 | Blog

Is Automation a Fit for HR and IT?  

Process automation can alleviate the burden of many of the mundane but imperative tasks that businesses face. The most common departments with widely documented use cases for automation are finance and accounting.  However, automation can also provide tremendous benefits to other departments including HR and IT. The critical importance of HR is unquestionable in organizations of all kinds and the changing landscape of IT holds a massive degree of importance in the world of modern business. Although these departments often operate behind the scenes within an organization, their significance should not be underestimated.  As with accounting and finance, HR and IT also deserve the attention and improvements that automation can provide.  Many tasks within these vital departments can easily and efficiently be maintained with automation. 

What are some of the manual tasks that automation can eliminate for HR and IT professionals? Master data management is a substantial effort for both of these departments and is one of many areas that automation can easily, safely, and efficiently handle. Tasks related to data entry allow automation to truly shine. Moving and editing large amounts of data can be costly in regards to time and prone to errors if accomplished manually. Automation can not only speed up processes involving data entry and data migration, but it can also optimize them, while performing them without error. Needless to say, data entry isn’t the only process which can benefit from the optimation that automation provides. Mover and leaver processing represents another example of a key business function automation can service with ease. Processes in this space require consistent and repetitive efforts by both departments, which must be performed in a timely and accurate manner.  Automation can ensure they are done efficiently each and every time.  HR and IT represent just two of the myriad of departments within your organization that can benefit from automation. 

When embarking on an automation program, it is crucial for your technology partner to have a solid understanding of your business. Machina practitioners focus not only on RPA, but on your industry, possessing a strong understanding of your business processes. With an average of over 15 years experience, our deep domain expertise helps us to facilitate your success as you enter the brave new world of RPA. Give us a call today at 844-622-4772 or email us at to optimize your business. 

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