The Challenge

The energy industry is burdened with requirements to comply with constant and increasingly disruptive regulatory mandates. These regulations are in a continuing state of flux and must be balanced with the need to comply with each organization’s unique risk management and compliance practices and the need to simultaneously execute successfully in the marketplace. Compounding all of these challenges, traditional transaction systems are simply not built to effectively handle these complex and ever changing compliance management and reporting demands.

How Machina Can Help

The following are a few of the benefits a successful implementation of RPA can provide to alleviate these challenges:
Improved oversight and compliance with regulatory requirements through the implementation of traceable automation embedded with current rules
Reduced risk and regulatory exposure through automated compliance practices
Reduced cost and improved efficiency achieved by freeing team members to focus on analysis and decision making rather than policing activities
Increased accuracy and efficiency of reporting provided by more accurate data and automated traceable processes

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