Energy Experience

At Machina, we leverage deep energy domain expertise to help our customers reap the benefits of today’s process automation technologies.

It is crucial for your business advisors and technology partners to have a solid understanding of your business. This is magnified with newer technologies where business users have limited experience with the toolsets and their capabilities. Domain knowledge accelerates implementations and improves process selection decisions, thereby reducing the risk and cost of transformation and dramatically increasing the benefits that can be achieved.

A leading factor in any RPA implementation’s success is selecting the right processes to augment with a digital workforce. We know how difficult it can be to have a meaningful conversation on the benefits and challenges of automating processes. Do you prioritize your ISO settlements process or a process in your midstream rack business? Technologists will be challenged to help you make these decisions without a deep understanding of your business. Machina practitioners focus on your industry and understand your business processes. With an average of over 15 years of energy experience, our deep domain expertise across the energy value chain helps us facilitate your success as you enter the brave new world of RPA.

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