Is Automation Right for your Business?

Is Automation Right for your Business?

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Blog

Understanding Automation

The age of automation is here. For many, automation can seem like a broad concept. That’s because it is. However, automation is all around us. Spellcheck, spam filters, and ridesharing apps all contain powerful automation capabilities that help optimize our day to day lives. While automation covers many technological areas, the primary goal of automation is to minimize human effort. Automation at its core, is centered around taking rudimentary tasks and streamlining them. In the case of robotic process automation or RPA, it means learning those rudimentary and mundane tasks and completing them with minimal human involvement. With those tasks covered, people can get back to using their unique and individualistic skill set in a much more worthwhile way. RPA tools such as UiPath provide an endless set of opportunities to streamline and optimize businesses of all kinds. The future is waiting. 

Knowing if Automation is Right for Your Business

There are several key characteristics that can determine ideal process automation candidates. If a task is highly manual and highly repetitive, it is likely a good candidate to evaluate for automation with RPA. Is a task prone to manual errors? Error prone tasks that result in rework can eat up valuable employee time and cause issues for a business. Fortunately, RPA can often prevent those errors from ever occurring, allowing your workforce to make the best of their time. Finally, processes that meet some or all of the characteristics above and are also rule-based with clear processing steps are likely to be great candidates for RPA.

Tasks that meet these characteristics are tell tale signs of a business in need of automation through RPA. When embarking on an automation program, it is crucial for your business advisors and technology partners to have a solid understanding of your business. Machina practitioners focus not only on RPA, but on your industry, possessing a strong understanding of your business processes. With an average of over 15 years experience, our deep domain expertise helps us to facilitate your success as you enter the brave new world of RPA. Give us a call today at 844-622-4772 or email us at to optimize your business.

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