The Challenge

A seamless workflow is critical to efficient transportation-related operations. However, the complexity of the technical environment needed to support these operations makes this challenging to achieve. Companies face complex software requirements, including ERP, supply management, CTRM, contract management, and other systems to manage this process. High transaction volumes, complex volume tie-out, and a significant amount of manual data entry are all necessary for effective transportation and logistics management.

How Machina Can Help

The following are a few of the benefits a successful implementation of RPA can provide to alleviate these challenges:

Cost reduction achieved by reducing the effort required to complete mundane tasks


Improved efficiencies based on the automation of cross-system collaboration without the need for the development of costly interfaces


Increased accuracy and elimination of errors achieved through the automation of data entry, data verification, and data reconciliation tasks


Improved customer experience based on quicker turnaround times and fewer errors

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